Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Friends Posting!

How cool is this! New friends can post and are posting. Since I am the moderator there are a few rules I MUST apply. This is to anyone, even if you just leave a comment.

1) No swearing or bad language. I want this to be a kid/people friendly blog!

2) When posting, please place your name at the end of your text. If you are lucky to be one of two, like Bruce's, please put your last name or initial so we know which one you are.

3) I would like things to be only about trains and especially about the club! I am proud of this club and I want you and others to be too! :)

So lets have some clean fun and show the world what FMRC is all about. I'm proud of you guys and I want everyone to be too.

Hugs, Lisa

Monday, April 28, 2008

Well here it is.... I think it would be a great addition
to the layout BUT !!!!!!
72" radius on the O gauge.
22" radius on the H O gauge
It would take (6) 4' X 7' modules to do each end
The green is O scale lower level.
The Yellow is HO upper level...
A bridge is built anywhere the H O croses the O gauge....

Train Crash in China

Have you heard? There has been a train crash in Zibo China. You can go to any major news website like


which is where I got these pictures. If these links don't work then the story maybe to old and you may have to do a "search" on the site.

As some of you know my family, Rick Moffatt, and I went to China in 1985. You know, it's 23 years to the date and we did take a train. I do not remember where we were going, when your 12 you just want to go home, and it was at night so I slept the whole time. If you ask my Dad, he was up ALL night, he will tell you about the train ride.

I don't think to many people in China have internet but if they do, all of us at FMRC in America (Michigan) give our sorrow and sympathy.


Mr. Corley did it again!!


Mr. Corley has sent me a link to You Tube videos. Go check them out


You've Been Added

Bruce U. and Don C. I added your email address and I hope you can add a post. Please try adding a post and if it doesn't work, let me know. :)

I must let you know that I am not sure how many additional people can post on the blog. So if you are really not interested in writing, for this blog, please don't ask me to add your email address.

Thanks, Lisa

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Did you know.......

I don't know about you guys but I like watching Antiques Road Show on PBS. Saturdays episode had a gentlemen that had posters by an artist named Bern Hill. Now I have looked and looked for information on this man and can't find much.

Here is the Antiques Road Show link to the appraisal of the posters that Bern Hill is known for. You can either watch the video or just under the "main" picture there is a blue box that says next. Click on that and you'll see some of his works.

Click on this link here......


As promised

As promised, I did figure out how to add people to the blog. This means you can add, post, things you wish. They, Blogger, said I need to add your email address. So if your interested in this, and I know many are not, send me an email to my Yahoo account. If this does not sound like a thing you would like to do, just keep sending me those pictures, articles, posts, websites and anything else that sounds good to you.


Nice Pictures

These pictures were sent to me by Vaughn Chesters. He mentioned that the module is Gene Wood's and the award is for Don Cartman. Congrats Don on your award!

Just to let you guys know, if you click on the picture it will get bigger. Then click on you "back" button or I have a green arrow at the top left of my screen. This will get you back to the blog.


How Does One Post?

Don Cartman asked a very good question.....How do I post.

Well, I don't think you can. The only thing I can see now is one leaving a comment. You all have my Email address and I will post everything you send me. I promise! Another thing you can do is hand me what ever at the train show. I know for a fact that I will be at the Detroit Public Library on Saturday May 3rd. I don't mind scanning or typing it in for you.

So for now, until I can find out if one can post, just send it along to my Email

Thanks for asking Don! That was a great question


Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Cool Site from Bruce

Bruce found this website that has a great article on the operation of breaks.

Here is the link to the site.....

Thanks Bruce for the neat site!!


Sad News

Edwina has let us know that Gene Wood has passed. He was a long time member of the club and when he became sick he gave his module to the club. Please take a moment and think of Gene today.

We will miss you Gene but we know where ever you are, you will be playing with trains. :)


Lisa and the whole FMRC team

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome!

My name is Lisa and my fathers name is Rick and we are part of a club called Ford Model Railroad Club. We have an award winning, traveling modular layout that can run "O" gauge (Lionel) and "HO" gauge at the same time. Digitrax runs the HO and dual Cab 1s powered by a MTH Transformer for the O scale. This modular layout is in sections that are connected together to create different sizes. The "sections" are created and paid for by our members, while the corners are the club's.

The club meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month between 6pm and 8pm at the Ford World Headquarters cafeteria. Here we discuss layouts, our trains and even where we are going to take our module next. During these two hours we even have show-n-tell, 50 50 raffle and refreshments.

If you like what you have heard here please stop by one of our meetings but if you would really like to see what we have done, please visit us May 1st - 3rd, 2008 at the Detroit Public Library. If you would like more information now, please leave a comment with you name and e-mail so I can get back with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Lisa and Dad, Rick