Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ypsilanti Heritage Festival


I'm not sure if you know but I live in Ypsilanti, the south side of I-94. This year, just like every year, we have a Heritage Festival. This year it is going to be on August 15th-17th. In our local paper, I found out that they are opening the Freight House for these 3 days. Please go to this site to see times and about the festival.

I did some digging into the Freight House and I found out that it has been closed since 2004 when the city declared it "unsafe." There are people who are trying to keep the Freight House open and here is their site so you can see what they are trying to do. These people are called Friends of Ypsilanti Freight House. This year, for the Heritage Festival, they are asking you if you have any memories of the, Freight House, they would like to hear from you. Here is the article for you to read.

During my digging I found this file and I want to share it with you. The problem is is that it is in PDF format. Google does not let me add that here. So I am trying something different. I have added the file to a different Google site. This looks like your email account. If it works, you should be able to download the PDF file to your desktop. Then you can open it, read it, then delete it if you choose. So goto this site.......

Now after my name you see the word "attachment." Now see the blue words "Ypsilanti Frieighhouse History" you need to click on the blue part. Another box will "pop-up." You can decide to open, which means you can read it here, or you can save to disk. This just means it's going to be placed and kept where ever you put it until you put it in the recycle bin/trash can. I always put mine on my desktop so I can find it.

If this does not work, please let me know and I will try something else. You can give me a message by clicking on the "comment" at the bottom of this post.

So goto these sites and I hope I will see you there.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Message from Len


This coming Saturday's work shop (8-2) is being CANCELED. We will meet
again on Saturday, August 9th from 10:00 - 2:00.

Have a great two weeks. See you on the 9th.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

FMRC and the Boy Scouts

Have you heard? We are helping some Boy Scouts earn their badges. Here are the two they will be working on. I have added the link, to each badge, if you would like to see what you have to do to earn them .

Model Design and Build Badge.

Railroading Badge.

As a scout my self, for 5 years, I would like to say Good Luck and please let us know that you received your badges!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Message from Mr. Corley

Did you receive the email from Mr. Corley today? I did and my question for Mr. Corley is where do you find this stuff? In a million years, I would not have thought to find this stuff. Non the less it it very interesting. I went to the website he included,, and I have decided to send you the neat or interesting parts of the website.

This is their gallery. There are some really nice pictures. I like looking at the background too.

This site also has links to other sites. Here are the ones I thought are the best to show you.

Hope you enjoy and thanks again Mr. Corley


Friday, July 18, 2008

Email from Mr. Corley

This picture is: A view looking southwest towards Central Railway Station across Belmore Park, Sydney, in 1926. In the foreground can be seen the approaches to the City underground railway, then still under construction. Six tracks would eventually pass under the catenary masts and enter tunnels a couple of hundred yards or metres to the lower right. The imposing building to the right is the Tivoli Theatre, destroyed in the late 1960s.

Here is the website for the photo:

Have you heard of Athearn? Well Mr. Corley sent us a email with pictures of trains for sale. As I looked at the website I did notice that they forgot to say what gauge they are. The website also mentions that you can put in your zip code and they will find a hobby shop near you that sells their items. I'm wondering if you can buy the train online and then pick it up from the store near you. If that can be done, do you know how much you would save in S&H?

Here are some of the website they gave us..... (Remember to double click on the UNDERLINED text.)

Oh here is some new information. I live in Ypsilanti and there was a hobby shop called Ryders at Carpenter Rd. and Elsworth. They have moved. They are now at Carpenter Rd. and Packard. It's in the mini mall with Kroger. Right next to the CVS. It's a pretty big store. If you want to check the place out, let me know anhd I'll give you better instructions.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How about this?

Today it's 83 degrees and the next few days are going to be in the 90's so I found a nice snow day for you all to feel cool by. This picture is of LS&I 3005, heading a train of taconite, approaches Eagle Mills Jct. in a sudden "white out" [Tom Carello]

If you would like to see more pictures of locomotives please click on this link...


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Scott Special

The cover of a booklet released by the railway to commemorate the Scott Special. Theodore Roosevelt is depicted on a horse, though he did not witness the event.

The Scott Special, also known as the Coyote Special, the Death Valley Coyote or the Death Valley Scotty Special, was a one-time, record-breaking (and the best-known) passenger train operated by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Frailway (Santa Fe) from Los Angeles, California, to Chicago, Illinois, at the request of "Death Valley Scotty". At the time of its transit in 1905, the Scott Special made the 2,265 miles (3,645 km) trip between the two cities at the fastest speed recorded to date; in doing so, it established the Santa Fe as the leader in high-speed travel between Chicago and the West Coast. The Scott Special made the trip in 44 hours and 54 minutes breaking the previous records, set in 1900 by the Peacock Special, by 13 hours and 2 minutes, and in 1903 by the Lowe Special, by 7 hours and 55 minutes. Santa Fe's regular passenger service from Los Angeles to Chicago at the time was handled on a 2½-day schedule by the California Limited. It was not until the 1936 introduction of the Super Chief that Santa Fe trains would regularly exceed the speeds seen on the Scott Special.

To read more goto this website....


Friday, July 4, 2008

I like a photograph that tells a story. If you want to spice up your train display with a very interesting conversation piece, this is the ticket!! This tot is so engrossed with daydreams that nothing else matters. He is all packed up for any blizzard that might befall him, with snowsuit, gloves, and boots. The picture evokes many of the happy memories we had as young children at the sight of a toy train. I believe the picture was taken at Higbee's Department store in Cleveland, OH in approximately 1940. I wonder what he is thinking.

Happy 4th of July!!!

I've been waiting to do this blog for you guys and I'm excited. I have decided to show pictures of different 1776 trains. I do remember seeing one or two of them when I was little in 1976. I guess I was little. I was 4. ( haha) So sit back and enjoy.


Missouri-Kansas-Texas GP40 #200 sports the Bicentennial Paint Scheme in San Antonio at MKTs Sloan Yard in 1976. - Robert Pollard Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

Western Pacific GP40 #1776 - is in Sacramento, California on July 4, 1976. - Jay Glenewinkel postcard collection Here's the

MoPac Bicentennial GP7 #1776 - was built in April 1950 as C&EI High Hood GP7 #212. It was later renumbered to C&EI #77. The unit was rebuilt with a new 2500 gallon fuel tank, and had the nose chopped and emerged as C&EI #84. It later became the MP Bicentennial #1776. It was retired in September 1977, and traded in to EMD for the new GP38s. - Missouri Pacific Railroad Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection
Here's the

BN #1776 - TX Photo of BN #1776, as taken in Texas. Website:

Pittsburg Lake Erie GP7 #1501, Beaver Falls PA 1976. J. Hunt

Pittsburg & Shawmut SW-9 1776 (Betsy Ross) & 1851 (Sam Colt) , blt 1953 cn19043 George G. Haines III

California Western BLW RS12 #55 , Fort Bragg, CA 1976, blt 1955 cn76024, nee MR32 Craig Walker

Conrail GP-38 #7776 Bill Navari

Detroit Toledo & Ironton GP-38 # 1776, Flat Rock MI 1975 Joseph Testagrose

GTW GP-38 Bi-cent #1776, Chicago, IL 1976
George Elwood

Illinois Central Gulf GP-38 # 1776, McComb MS 195 Conniff Railroadiana

Website for the last 7 photo'

I once asked my father why did they paint the locomotives like that. I think I stunned him because I don't think he gave me a real good answer. So I think I have found it.......

patriotic spirit
Signs of Bicentennial fever were everywhere. All across the country, landmarks were painted with patriotic colors and designs. Buildings, fire hydrants, locomotives....nothing escaped the artist's paintbrush. These were the days when car owners received a new set of license plates every year, and most states adopted a patriotic design for 1976. Many companies produced special Bicentennial editions of their regular products, including food, beverages, pens, and collector's plates. Bicentennial t-shirts and buttons were all the rage. At Disneyland, the Main Street Electrical Parade was pre-empted for 2 years so they could bring you America On Parade.

Please visit to learn more about the bicentennial.