Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Up To Date Photo......


I was lucky enough to be sent another piece of the puzzle that Mike Guariento is working on. He states to me, in an email.......

"2010-07-18.03 The cork roadbed is down on the module top. The three turnouts are not permanently attached yet - they are just to give a visual idea of how the approach ladder will lead into the 3 yard sidings." ~ Mike Guariento

Thanks Mike for all your hard work.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pictures for Mike Guariento


Mike asked me to place these pictures of the module part he is working on. Thanks Mike for the wonderful work and pictures.

"This series of photos will (hopefully) show the progress I make during modifying the HO track arrangement on what we call the "Bridge" module (has the big Atlas bridge on the "O" scale side). The intent is to create an "approach" yard lead into the HO staging sidings, this will eliminate the need to back trains into these sidings and the resulting hold-up of following trains on the main." - Mike Guariento

2010-06-20.02 This shows how the HO track arrangement was before any work was started. Note that the "pink foam" extends to the very end of the module - this is structurally not a good condition as the foam takes quite a betting during setup and tear-down. It will be replaced. When I took on this project I did not realize this problem existed - oh well!

2010-07-04.01 The track and old cork roadbed has been removed. The "pink foam" has been cut back from the ends to allow a 1 x 2 to be inserted in the end plate areas.

2010-07-05.05 This shows the completed end plate modification with the new 1 x 2 glued and screwed in place (both ends).